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Deep freezing services

Freezer service station for perishable products
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Deep freezing services

Stages of shock freezing

Shock freezing is an alternative to the classic long-term freezing. High-speed cooling of products allows you to preserve the taste and natural qualities of food and speeds up the process. This storage mode requires much less preservatives, which extends the shelf life of the product and brings additional benefits to the end user.

Multicold performs shock freezing in three stages. First – cooling, when the submerged products are ventilated by an air flow with a temperature of -65 degrees. After 45 minutes, the temperature of the product drops to 0 C.

This is followed by crystallization – the product is cooled to -5 degrees. Unlike long freezing, when ice builds up in large fractions, shock freezing leads to the formation of tiny ice crystals that do not damage the shell of the product tissue. The liquids and the shape of the goods are preserved in their original form.

The last stage is home-freezing. The cooling process slows down smoothly and the products cool down to -18-24 degrees. As a result, the products retain all their characteristics even when frozen, like fresh products (fruits or vegetables).

Features of renting cold storage warehouses in Multicold

Only environmentally friendly equipment
In our warehouses, we use freon to cool the chambers. Unlike Soviet-style chambers, we do not use ammonia to cool products

Flexible temperature control
Personalized mode from +6 to -25 degrees Celsius, the cells are equipped with a fourfold supply and exhaust system

Full Service
Cooperation with us includes pickup, removal, preparation, storage, and delivery of products

Centralized fire suppression system
Our fire extinguishers deliver an extinguishing agent to any compartment of the complex

Around the clock 24/7
Customers can visit the complex at any time

24-hour security
There is a video recording on the territory of the complex 24/7

Offices nearby
Our customers can rent an office and a warehouse in one place – rent on the territory of the agrohub