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2PL and 3PL food logistics

Food logistics №1 in Moscow and the Moscow region

Collecting more 3000 orders per day
Routing more 1500 delivery addresses per day
We deliver more 180 tons products per day
2PL and 3PL food logistics

2PL and 3PL services

The Multicold company is more than five years of successful work in the field of logistics. Our employees regularly attend seminars and thematic exhibitions to offer you quality services, including 2PL (Second Party Logistic) and 3PL (Third Party Logistic).

What are these services and how do they differ?

3PL-logistics is a logistics outsourcing, a full range of logistics company services: from delivery to order management. Third-party logistics assumes that the provider organizes and manages transportation; deals with documentation, cargo handling and other tasks.

2PL logistics is a simple form of interaction in which the operator organizes the delivery of cargo.

Our company operates in the field of partial (2PL) and complex (3PL) logistics outsourcing. With us, you can be sure of the success of all logistics activities.

3PL operator services and their advantages

The demand for 3PL providers is constantly growing. Third-party logistics involves a range of logistics services:

  • organization of transportation, its management;
  • marking of goods;
  • inventory counting in warehouses;
  • preparation of necessary documentation;
  • packaging;
  • storage in warehouses;
  • delivery to the recipient.

Turning to the 2 PL and 3 PL operator, business leaders relieve themselves of routine work related to the organization of deliveries. They save themselves the cost of developing their own logistics solutions.

In the company “Multicold” you can order Second and Third Party Logistic food in Moscow, MO. In our fleet there are more than 150 cars of different carrying capacities. All vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring, modern climate control systems. They can transport goods at temperatures from +5 °C to -18 °C.

2PL and 3PL logistics are in demand services. At the same time, with partial logistics outsourcing, the company independently performs a number of functions (plans, stores, forms logistics chains, etc.), turns to the contractor only for cargo transportation. With complex logistics outsourcing, the cargo owner does not deal with external logistics, but transfers it to a specialized company.

The advantages of 3PL logistics in our company include:

  • convenient location: agrohab is a few minutes drive from MKAD;
  • delivery of goods to any point in Moscow;
  • the possibility of placement products under different storage conditions: low-, medium-, high-temperature conditions;
  • large-scale distribution center, more than 80 thousand m2.

Our company — 2 PL and 3PL operator who works with frosts, FRESH goods. With us you can order partial or complex logistics outsourcing on favorable terms.

The cost of the services of 2 PL and 3 PL operators is calculated individually. To calculate, contact the company’s managers by phone 8 (495) 646-77-77 or order a callback. Specialists will provide additional information and answer your questions.