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Climate control
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Secure storage

Temperature range
from +15°C to +24 °C
Column spacing
9x25 meters
155 000 м2
Ceiling height
18 meters
Road М2, М4 from MKAD 30 км
Secure storage

Temperature range from +15° C to +24 ° C
Square 155 000 м2
Ceiling height
18 meters
Column spacing
9×25 meters
Road М2, М4 from MKAD 30 км


The cost of responsible storage services depends on the type of warehouse and the number of additional operations. For example, storage in low-temperature warehouses will be more expensive, since special storage conditions must be observed here. In warm warehouses, drying or additional processing of goods can be additionally applied.

By placing products for storage, the company can order additional services — palletizing, screwing with pallet film, copaking, pasting, etc. The price for them depends on the number of operations. No matter what volume of services you order, we guarantee the safety of the cargo, maintaining the necessary temperature and humidity, and security from theft.

What is stored in warm storage warehouses?

In warm warehouses, optimal conditions have been created for the responsible storage of goods that do not tolerate low temperatures. Regardless of the external weather conditions, the temperature in these warehouses is maintained from +15° С to +24° С.

Most often whendry warehouse rental in Moscow our clients transfer the following types of goods:

Аренда теплого склада Wooden products and furniture
Аренда теплого склада Metal products
Аренда теплого склада Building materials
Аренда теплого склада Musical instruments
Аренда теплого склада Clothing and fabric products
Аренда теплого склада Household appliances and electronics

This list is, of course, incomplete. If you have not found the product that you want to transfer to our specialists for safekeeping, please contact us by phone or order a callback.

Advantages of working with our company

Thanks to the responsible storage service, you can focus on solving important business tasks. We will take care of all issues related to the organization of the warehouse, logistics and paperwork. We have large areas for product placement, round-the-clock access to warehouses. You can prepare the goods for shipment at any time and deliver it to the consumer.

If you want to know more information about dry warehouse rental in Moscow or about the prices of services, call by phone 8 (495) 646-77-77 or write to the mail info@multicold.ru. You can leave a request in a special window or order a callback.

Heating systems
Heating systems allow you to adjust the temperature regime

Ventilation systems
Ventilation systems are used to protect against overheating and drafts

Round-the-clock maintenance of the required temperature
The temperature in the storage room is maintained from +15 ° C to +24 ° C

Lighting of the territory
The territory of the warehouse complex is well lit

Round-the-clock security
Availability of video surveillance system, round-the-clock security

Rational distribution of space

Convenient access to cargo locations