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Offices for rent

Simultaneous rental of an office and a warehouse is one of the most popular forms of modern business organization, inextricably linked with warehouse management. Warehousing of products is the main activity of companies engaged in the production, transportation or sale of goods.

Our company is pleased to offer its customers favorable conditions for renting a warehouse with an office in Moscow — our offer will help you solve issues not only of the organization of the workspace, but also the storage of goods. Few aspiring entrepreneurs can afford to build an office, a production site, as well as a hangar for storing products.

The best and most profitable option in this case is a long-term rental of an office with a warehouse. Having spacious warehouses and comfortable office space, we offer you a warehouse and an office for rent from the owner at very affordable prices.

Features of renting cold storage warehouses in Multicold

Only environmentally friendly equipment
In our warehouses, we use freon to cool the chambers. Unlike Soviet-style chambers, we do not use ammonia to cool products

Flexible temperature control
Personalized mode from +6 to -25 degrees Celsius, the cells are equipped with a fourfold supply and exhaust system

Full Service
Cooperation with us includes pickup, removal, preparation, storage, and delivery of products

Centralized fire suppression system
Our fire extinguishers deliver an extinguishing agent to any compartment of the complex

Around the clock 24/7
Customers can visit the complex at any time

24-hour security
There is a video recording on the territory of the complex 24/7

Offices nearby
Our customers can rent an office and a warehouse in one place – rent on the territory of the agrohub

The economic benefit of renting an officer and warehouse

There are quite a lot of good reasons why renting premises for an office and warehouse is a very profitable service.

— You save space. You will not have to place products in an office space, because you will be able to safely place them in a warehouse that has optimal conditions for the maintenance of goods.

— You save time and forget about the long transportation of manufactured products to the warehouse. This is the absolute benefit of the location — an office and a warehouse in one place. Renting several premises at once (for work and for storing products) allows you to optimize the workflow in many ways.

— You can keep everything under control. Having full and constant access to the goods, you can monitor the conditions of their storage, taking certain measures for their disposal or removal if necessary.

In addition, your customers will be able to study the products and conclude a contract for their delivery in one place. The office and warehouse located nearby are always convenient for both entrepreneurs and their partners. Discover new possibilities of organizing a workspace together with our premises for warehouses and offices.