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Built-To-Suit / Built-To-Rent

Construction, rental and sale of warehouse space

We build on our existing objects under
Your goals and objectives
We build on your land turnkey from
project before management
General contracting services
design / engineering / delivery
equipment / installation
60 Hа
lands in Moscow and
Moscow region
185 000 м2
storage areas
implemented in Moscow and Moscow Region
4 projects
warehouse complexes
8 years
experience in construction
warehouse real estate
Moscow region, village Valishchevo
Moscow region
In process
Moscow, Ryabinovaya str. 5c1
Moscow region, village Radumlya
Moscow region
Moscow region, village Radumlya
Moscow region

We guarantee the implementation
of a build-to-suit project
a build-to-rent
project on time and within budget

Build-to-suit — this is a construction for the specific requirements of the customer.

With such a scheme of cooperation, the contractor builds a warehouse or retail space according to the specified parameters, and the resident undertakes to pay for the work in full, as well as to conclude a long-term lease or sale agreement.

The commercial premises of the build-to-suite format must fully comply with the requirements of the customer company.

The facility must guarantee the achievement of the main goal – adaptation to the resident’s technological processes, reduction of costs, optimization of resources, increase in profits.

Advantages BTS

  • Technical advantages. The parameters of the room clearly correspond to the stated requirements. There are no problems with the placement of equipment, there are no unused square meters. There is no need to redo existing communication networks to suit the specifics of production.
  • Economic. The build-to-suite project is beneficial for both the customer and the developer. Rent in this case costs 20-30% cheaper than renting a warehouse or retail space in an existing building or buying a ready-made one. In addition, there are no costs to finalize the object for yourself, and the presence of a guaranteed tenant reduces the risks and payback time for the developer.
  • Procedural. The tenant does not deal with issues with contractors, does not directly participate in the construction process. The resident participates only in solving strategically important issues at the initial stage.

Advantages of working with MultiCold

We carry out a full cycle of works on construction and maintenance of real estate objects: development of the concept of development, design, obtaining permits before construction and during subsequent operation.

  1. Development of multifunctional real estate objects
  2. General customer, general contractor
  3. Designing, obtaining IRD
  4. Commissioning, registration of property rights
  5. Lease relations, asset management
  6. Financial and legal support
  7. Preparation for licensing
  8. Operation, warranty service
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